A pleasant theater visit for everyone

We want everyone to feel at home in DeLaMar. To ensure that everyone can enjoy a pleasant theater visit, we work together with various organizations that are committed to an inclusive theater experience. If you would like to know more about the layout of our halls, which seats are easily accessible if you have difficulty walking or where you have more leg room, please see Floor plans.

Shows with low-stimulus facilities
In collaboration with the foundation Onbeperkt Genieten, we offer shows for people who are easily overstimulated. For example, these shows have a separate entrance for visitors, a low-stimulus reception room, a quiet room and special places in the hall are kept free. Sometimes the show itself is also low-stimulus. 

Facilities for people with a visual impairment
In collaboration with the foundation Komt het Zien!  we offer shows that are also suitable for people with a visual impairment. A blind interpreter gives an introduction before the start and describes all visual aspects of the show during the show. 

Shows for the elderly
In collaboration with the foundation Vier het Leven, we offer shows that take extra account of visitors of an advanced age. These people are given special places in the hall, an extra employee is present to assist them and Stichting Vier het Leven facilitates extra supervisors and transport to and from the theater.

Facilities for the hearing impaired
DeLaMar has headphones for the hearing impaired and an induction loop to which induction loops can be connected, although we cannot guarantee that these induction loops will work well with every hearing aid.

Facilities for people with disabilities
DeLaMar is wheelchair accessible. A number of wheelchair spaces with room for a companion are available in all halls, which you can reserve by telephone. 
Café Americain is wheelchair accessible via the entrance of the adjacent Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American at Leidsekade 97. 

Do you have suggestions or ideas for ways to make our theater even more accessible? We would like to hear it! For this you can fill in our contact form, with the subject 'other'.

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